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Canon’s Mixed-Reality Technology ....

Canon begins selling a next-generation form of virtual reality technology known as  mixed reality (MR)  this month. The company suggests its version of MR is an enhanced, more grown-up version of the augmented reality provided by some smartphone apps and things like  Google’s Project Glass . In contrast to  augmented reality , which typically adds text or simple graphics to what the user sees, Canon’s MR adds computer-generated virtual objects to the real world in real time, at full scale, and in three dimensions. In a further contrast to consumer-oriented augmented-reality schemes, the technology is initially targeted at engineering groups involved in designing and building new products. Canon claims that not only will it cut down on prototyping, it will also speed up concurrent engineering by allowing those involved on the manufacturing side to get a faster look at what is coming down the new-product pipeline. The key technologies making this possible are packed into a vide

Korea's second-biggest mobile operator hacked

South Korean police have arrested two hackers who stole personal data of 8.7 million customers of the nation's second-biggest mobile operator, the company said Sunday. KT said the hackers -- formally arrested on Sunday -- had stolen data such as customers' names, phone numbers and residential registration numbers for five months since February and sold the information to telemarketing firms. "The number of affected people account for nearly a half of about 17 million customers of ours," a KT spokesman told AFP, adding the company had alerted police on July 13 after detecting traces of hacking attacks. Yonhap news agency, citing police, said the duo -- including a former veteran programmer at a local IT company -- had earned at least 1 billion won (about $880,000) by selling the stolen data. Seven other people were also booked for buying the leaked data for telemarketing purposes, Yonhap said. "We deeply bow our head in apology for having your precious

Robot That Mimics the Water Striders' Jumping Abilities

The first bio-inspired microrobot capable of not just walking on water like the water strider -- but continuously jumping up and down like a real water strider -- now is a reality. Scientists reported development of the agile microrobot, which could use its jumping ability to avoid obstacles on reconnaissance or other missions, in   ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Qinmin Pan and colleagues explain that scientists have reported a number of advances toward tiny robots that can walk on water. Such robots could skim across lakes and other bodies of water to monitor water quality or act as tiny spies. However, even the most advanced designs -- including one from Pan's team last year -- can only walk on water. Pan notes that real water striders actually leap. Making a jumping robot is difficult because the downward force needed to propel it into the air usually pushes the legs through the water's surface. Pan's group looked for novel mechanisms and materials to build

Tutorial 2 - Let’s start playing…!!!

As it is stated in previous post that we aren’t going to start will all those repeating basic programs but still here are some most important commands that will be used throughout our tutorial series. Serial.println(value); Prints the value to the Serial Monitor on your computer pinMode(pin, mode); Configures a digital pin to read (input) or write (output) a digital value digitalRead(pin); Reads a digital value (HIGH or LOW) on a pin set for input digitalWrite(pin, value); Writes the digital value (HIGH or LOW) to a pin set for output Now all of you know how to turn on a led using arduino. But if I want to use decimal number for our program then. We will use float number, here suppose we want to add some decimal numbers and want to print them. float value = 1.1; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); // open the serial port to send data back to the computer at  9600 bits per //second } void loop() { value = value + 0.1;  // increase value by

Arduino Tutorial Series Tutorial -1 (Introduction)

Arduino is an open source physical computing platform based on a simple input/output (I/O) board and a development environment that implements the Processing language ( Arduino can be used to develop standalone interactive objects or can be connected to software on your computer (such as Flash, Processing, VVVV,or Max/MSP). The boards can be assembled by hand or purchased preassembled; the open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) can be downloaded for free from .                           What you know that….!?!?! Then what have you been waiting for. You know how to glow LEDs in Arduino UNO board. Great..!! But you don’t know all the programming stuffs of real world like interrupts, timers, I2C etc. That’s why Infizeal Technologies is starting a tutorial series on Physical Computing with Arduino. Every weekend we will post tutorials regarding different topics in physical computing like servo motors, audio outputs, different sensors

Robots will replicated the muscle motion of the human eye..!!!

Using piezoelectric materials, researchers have replicated the muscle motion of the human eye to control camera systems in a way designed to improve the operation of robots. This new muscle-like action could help make robotic tools safer and more effective for MRI-guided surgery and robotic rehabilitation. Key to the new control system is a piezoelectric cellular actuator that uses a novel biologically inspired technology that will allow a robot eye to move more like a real eye. This will be useful for research studies on human eye movement as well as making video feeds from robots more intuitive. The research is being conducted by Ph.D. candidate Joshua Schultz under the direction of assistant professor Jun Ueda, both from the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. "For a robot to be truly bio-inspired, it should possess actuation, or motion generators, with properties in common with the musculature of biological orga