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How to hide any file inside a picture | No Binder Needed.

This tutorial can be used for any type of file including mp3,wmv,.rar,etc

Here is how it goes:

1. Open C: Drive and make a folder in it e.g. “hacks”. Put both the files i.e. the file that you want to hide and the image inside which you want to hide the file into this folder

2. Select both the files and make a compressed RAR archive e.g. “secret.rar” out of them

3. Open Run and type in “cmd” to open the Command Prompt. Now type “cd..” and press enter and repeat this once again. Type “cd sizlopedia” to open the folder (where “hacks” is the folder that I am using in this tutorial)

4. Type the command “copy /b maria.jpg + secret.rar safe.jpg” and press enter

5. The new picture safe.jpg is now the nested Picture file which has the hidden file saved inside it. Change its extension from .jpg to .rar anytime to access or extract the hidden file

Definitely cool and amazing trick.


DIY - GESTURE controlled Arduino based Rover ( Wireless + Line Following )

What is it capable of ?
1. It can be controlled using gestures.
2. It can Send temperature , object distance , battery level , etc. values to the glove ( LCD ).
3. Can run on 45+ degree angle.
4. Tx Rx pair on both rover and Glove ( for bi-directional data transfer ).

Why to use joysticks to control you robot when you can control it by the gestures of your hand ! This robotic Rover works on 433MHz Band RF Modules (ASK).
The remote is modified into a GLOVE which is equipped with
an accelerometer (ADXL335)
16x2 LCD display
8 button keypad
and a transceiver
The rover and glove is based on ATmega328 P which is used in Arduino Uno as well ,
ROVER UNIT ( I've named it TITAN :D )
2. Custom made arduino compatible robotic controller
3. DIY FTDI cable ( USB to SERIAL )
4. HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Rangefinder
5. 2 x Optical sensors ( to convert it into a line follower)
6. 2 x custom 30 Amp Motor drivers : MAKE YOUR OWN MOTOR DRIVER
7. 2 x 150 RPM & 5 kgf-cm t…

How to make own Touch Sensor (DIY)

Step 1: Gather all the necessary parts 1. QT113 - can be ordered at Digikey DigikeyDigikey. Each one costs around $2.
2. 10mF capacitor
3. Wires
4. LED
5. breadboard or perfboard (if you choose to perf, you will obviously need a soldering iron and some solder)
Step 2: Build your circuit wire up your circuit according to the following diagram:

pin 1: Power (3.3-5V)
pin 2: Output (in this case I used a red LED)
pin 3: Ground
pin 4: Power
pin 5: Power
pin 6-7: 10 micro Farad capacitor. These pins also connect to the input wire.
pin 8: Ground
Step 3: Input wire Strip the tip of the wire and embed it into or behind an object or the surface which you want to act as a touch switch. when connected to a conductive metal sheet, or mesh this works really well. When doing multiple switches, it is important to make sure the surfaces are surrounded by ground, so as to protect each distinct touch surface.
Step 4: Connect to a microcontroller In this case I used the MAKE controller - connected th…

How To Make A Homemade Stylus !!!

Step 1: 

What you will need in order to make a homemade stylus is :
Tin foil
A pin Step 2: 
Take every thing out of the pen and grab some tin foil and wrap it around the pen like shown above.
#surface computing
#capacitance touch screen

Mozilla Firefox | Tips and Tricks

Mozilla Firefox | Internet browser | Tips and Tricks

More Screen Space:
Make your icons small. Go to View - Toolbars - Customize and check the “Use small icons” box.
Smart Keywords: If there’s a search you use a lot (let’s say’s people search), this is an awesome tool that not many people use. Right-click on the search box, select “Add a Keyword for this search”, give the keyword a name and an easy-to-type and easy-to-remember shortcut name (let’s say “actor”) and save it. Now, when you want to do an actor search, go to Firefox’s address bar, type “actor” and the name of the actor and press return. Instant search! You can do this with any search box.

Keyboard Shortcuts: This is where you become a real Jedi. It just takes a little while to learn these, but once you do, your browsing will be super fast. Here are some of the most common. Spacebar - Page Down Shift-Spacebar - Page Up Ctrl+F - Find Alt-N - Find Next Ctrl+D - Bookmark Page Ctrl+T - New Tab Ctrl+K - Go to Search Box C…

How to access Internet without any Browser ?

Ever find yourself sitting in front of a computer where Internet Explorer or Firefox was blocked by IT Administrator, and restricted you from installing any software? If that PC is running Windows XP, then there is chance for you to still surf Internet. Just follow these simple steps:

Open Calculator, Start> Program Files> Accessories> Calculator or press Windows+R and type ‘calc’ in the run box, click OK.

In Calculator, go to Help> Help Topics.

Right click on the left hand side of the title bar and click on ‘Jump to URL’.

Type in the URL and make sure include the ‘http://’ at the beginning.
For instance "".


Creating Your Own Augmented Reality(AR) !!!

Step 1: Things you will need 1. A Smartphone or Tablet with iOS or Android and Internet Enabled(Wi-Fi also works)
2. A Computer or Laptop (Windows or Mac) Internet Enabled
3. Metaio Creator (You have to sign up for it first. Signing up is free)
4. Junaio for Android or iOS Step 2: After Installing
After you've install all the things start Metaio Creator. In Metaio Creator create a channel on the bottom right(see pic). Before making your own channel it will ask you to sign up. Sign up by ID which you've used downloading Metaio creator. Create your own channel. After making your own channel click on the QR code and download(Click on Save QR Code) it in your computer. Step 3: Let's Start making!
Now on the bottom of the screen, you can see trackables. Trackables are used to track with a tracker. Junaio is a type of tracker which shows us AR. Click on Trackables, then Image Tracking and insert your QR code. Step 4: Resources At top Right you can see different types …

How to enhance "Google Search" | Tips and Tricks

Google Calculator:
Google search can be used as a calculator. It can calculate anything from the simplest math to the most complex equation. All you need to do is just enter the math in the search box and hit enter. You can use the following functions:
+ - Add
- - Subtract
* - Multiply
/ - Divide
^ - To the Power Of
sqrt - Square Root of a Number

Dictionary Definitions: You can define any word by entering “define:” following the word. For example define: ignoble
Google will display a list of dictionary definitions for that word.

Search for a Specific Title: Suppose you came across a great article which you really liked but unfortunately forgot to bookmark it then you can find it easily with the help of Google provided you know the title of the article. Here’s how you do it:
Let’s say you read an article “Women talk three times as much as men” then you can search for it by typing “intitle: Women talk three times as much as men”

Search on a Particular File Types:
There are various kinds of files avail…

Google’s New ‘Project Soli’ Gesture Sensing Tech Looks Like Magic

Google just released a new Project Soli, a interaction sensor that uses radar technology. Simple gestures like pinching your index finger and thumb together, or rubing them together at different speeds can now control a device with surprising accuracy. It really looks like magic.
Unlike gesture control tech that came before (which mainly relied on fairly clunky video sensors) the sensor used in Soli can track sub-millimeter motions at the speedy rate of 10,000 frames per second and with exceptional accuracy. Not only that, but it fits onto a fingertip sized chip and can be used in everyday devices like smart watches (which due to their size have posed major challenges in designing touch-based interfaces).

Using radar is a “fundamentally different approach” to gesture-tracking says Project Soli’s design lead Carste Schwesig. Unlike camera-based systems which use a lens, the radar used in Project Soli will travel through certain materials, making it possible to place the ch…

How to hide your "secret folders" ?

Guys, as you can guess with this trick you can make your folders invisible without using any sophisticated software. This is a very unusual & easy trick to make your private folders invisible to others.
A folder contains two parts : an icon and a name.
So to make the folder invisible you will have to make both the icon & the name invisible.
Making The Name Invisible: Select the folder which you want to make invisible. Press F2 key then type ALT+0160 and hit enter key. You will notice that the name of the folder has become invisible. See the snapshot below.

Making The Icon Invisible: Right click on the folder whose name you made invisible. Go to Properties, then go to the Customize tab. Then click on the Change Icon button. Select any blank icon there. Remember there will be many blank icons (see snapshot). Just choose any one. Click OK.

Your folder is now invisible! Now only you know where the folder is located.


Social Engineering

We'll discuss about some real life scenarios and real life frauds (technical frauds) .

There are situations which actually takes place with common man and how the crime/fraud takes place with them who have less/no knowledge regarding such cyber crimes/frauds.

We live in a digital world  where we use "E-mail" rather than postcards/letters etc.
Now , someday at sometime if you got a mail from your "favourite celebrity", "favourite sportsperson" or "from a grl" you always wanted to talk in college, lottery winning mail , you would feel very pleased and blessed enough to receive that e-mail. RIGHT ??

But one second , do you really think that such personalities would have got time to mail you on the whole earth with a population of BILLIONS or such lotteries are being only made for you.. !!

SO time for the truth , ACTUALLY  "you are being fooled  , by somewhat called "fake mailer" which are available for free online and anyone can…

Bypassing The Anti-Viruses

Concept of Code Injection - Ingeneric way to bypass AV(ANTI-VIRUS)
As we know that the exe files are being detected by AVs. So we have to think in a another way:-
 i.e to : split the exe into two parts (not physically ofcourse)

  1. The core code (the actual code that performs a specific task for eg. Bind shell
  2. The interface - a mechanism that will inject the code into memory and execute that code.

  Functioning is something like this:

You may be thinking that why I am saying encoded shellcode because if I use metasploit shellcodes there signatures may be in AVs. If I encode the shellcode with any available encoder in metasploit then AV's not able to decode it in a file and not able to detect it.

 Although in some cases (Eg. Avast may be with others also) AV will not alert if you use shellcodes that are not encoded because AV think that .txt file are lame files. But if you force fully scan the file than AV give you alert.

Now if look at the next phase of the concept which is …

New Augmented Prototype for Touch-Sensitive Visual Display

One of the technological questions to be answered about the increasingly-omnipresent format is the range and scope of how humans will interact with the innovation. Whether it's smart glasses or other tech products, voice command has proven to be one of the more popular system preferences for AR-human interaction, but what other alternatives are out there? Enter startup Metaio: a company that is invested in the fusion of augmented reality and thermal technology. Metaio has recently created augmented reality tech with a set-up called Thermal Touch technology, a thermal imaging-driven user interface that could turn any surface into a touch screen with visual effects. The company claims they can turn "any physical object around you a touchable objects, so the world becomes a touch screen."Thermal Touch features a pair of cameras, one infrared, the other standard, running on a PC tablet. When a user touches the tablet screen, a heat signature is left behind, wh…