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Largest DDOS Attack in History @ 300Gbps

DDoS attack against Spamhaus was reportedly the largest in history A DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) attack of unprecedented scale that targeted an international spam-fighting organization last week ended up causing problems for Internet users around the world, experts say. The DDoS attack started more than a week ago and targeted the Spamhaus Project, an organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, and London that maintains databases of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, domain names, and other Internet resources involved in spam, malware, and other abusive online activities. Spamhaus publishes the data in the form of block lists that are used by Internet and email service providers, corporations, universities and governments around the world to filter Internet traffic on their networks and servers. In order to keep its services and website online Spamhaus enlisted the help of a San Francisco-based company called CloudFlare that runs a global content delivery

Robots to help stroke patients

In Europe, strokes are the most common cause of physical disability among the elderly. This often result in paralysis of one side of the body, and many patients suffer much reduced physical mobility and are often unable to walk on their own. These are the hard facts the EU project CORBYS has taken seriously. Researchers in six countries are currently developing a robotic system designed to help stroke patients re-train their bodies. The concept is based on helping the patient by constructing a system consisting of powered orthosis to help patient in moving his/her legs and a mobile platform providing patient mobility. The CORBYS researchers are also working with the cognitive aspects. The aim is to enable the robot to interpret data from the patient and adapt the training programme to his or her capabilities and intention. This will bring rehabilitation robots to the next level. Back to walking normally It is vital to get stroke patients up on their feet as soon as pos