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Robotic Bug get Wings to fly.....

When engineers at the University of California, Berkeley, outfitted a six-legged robotic bug with wings in an effort to improve its mobility, they unexpectedly shed some light on the evolution of flight. Even though the wings significantly improved the running performance of the 10-centimeter-long robot -- called DASH, short for Dynamic Autonomous Sprawled Hexapod -- they found that the extra boost would not have generated enough speed to launch the critter from the ground. The wing flapping also enhanced the aerial performance of the robot, consistent with the hypothesis that flight originated in gliding tree-dwellers. The research team, led by Ron Fearing, professor of electrical engineering and head of the Biomimetic Millisystems Lab at UC Berkeley, reports its conclusions online on Oct. 18, in the peer-reviewed journal Bioinspiration and Biomimetics. Using robot models could play a useful role in studying the origins of flight, particularly since fossil evidence is so limi…

2500+ Indian Websites Hacked

It seems that the pakistani hackers have reverted back on cyber attack of an Indian hackers group named ‘Indishell’. In the reply of the cyber attack of 26/11 on Pakistani sites by ‘Indishell’ many Pakistani hackers and hackers group hacked about 2500+ websites of India including Government, Universities and Private Institutions websites.

Links of hacked websites of paskistan by Indishell are provided below:

Links of hacked website are provided below:-

Link of hacked govt. websites

Mirror Links :-

Other Hacked Websites :-


An Introduction to Nagios

Nagios Introduction
Nagios is a free, open-source web-based network monitor developed by Ethan Galstad. Nagios is designed to run on Linux, but can be also be used on Unix variants. Nagios monitors the status of host systems and network services and notifies the user of problems.

Nagios Functionality
In common with many open source utilities, installation requires a degree of system administrator experience. Nagios is definitely not for the novice, unless you are prepared to put the effort in learning the basics. But with a wide range of features, including a number of web interfaces, Nagios is a very useful, feature rich monitoring tool.
A large number of plug-ins available from the Nagios Library, means you can design its capabilities to your own requirements. Amongst others, Nagios monitors services such as SMTP, POP3, HTTP, PING and resources such as disk and memory usage, log files, processor load and so o…

Cloud Computing: Power of Cloud !..

Let's say you're an executive at a large corporation. Your particular responsibilities include making sure that all of your employees have the right hardware and software they need to do their jobs. Buying computers for everyone isn't enough -- you also have to purchase software or software licenses to give employees the tools they require. Whenever you have a new hire, you have to buy more software or make sure your current software license allows another user. It's so stressful that you find it difficult to go to sleep on your huge pile of money every night.
Soon, there may be an alternative for executives like you. Instead of installing a suite of software for each computer, you'd only have to load one application. That application would allow workers to log into a Web-based service which hosts all the programs the user would need for his or her job. Remote machines owned by another company would run everything from e-mail to word processing to comple…

New era of Computing: Optical Computing

There has been enormous progress in recent years toward the development of photonic chips — devices that use light beams instead of electrons to carry out their computational tasks.There has been enormous progress in recent years toward the development of photonic chips — devices that use light beams instead of electrons to carry out their computational tasks. Now, researchers at MIT have filled in a crucial piece of the puzzle that could enable the creation of photonic chips on the standard silicon material that forms the basis for most of today’s electronics.

In many of today’s communication systems, data travels via light beams transmitted through optical fibers. Once the optical signal arrives at its destination, it is converted to electronic form, processed through electronic circuits and then converted back to light using a laser. The new device could eliminate those extra electronic-conversion steps, allowing the light signal to be processed directly.

The new component is a “d…

How To Install Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) On Ubuntu

Zimbra combines email, calendar and address book tools in an integrated system. For the Web Client, this is all found at one address and under one login.Based on Postfix MTA, includes AJAX based web mail and calendering, antispan, search, backup, archiving, .... Built on top of Tomcat, MySQL, JAVA, Apache, Lucene, ClamAV, SpamAssassin, OpenLDAP and of course Postfix technologies. It rocks.

I will use the hostname in this tutorial together with the IP address Adjust this to your needs, but make sure that has a valid MX record in DNS (Zimbra needs this!). I assume you want to create email accounts for instead of, so you should have an MX record for as well.

In this example the Zimbra server is in a local network ( is a private IP address) behind a router, so make sure you use the router's public IP address ( in this example) in the DNS records - of course this I…

Reasons To switch to Linux

Linux is more than a hip buzzword in computing. It is more than the latest fad. It was modeled on the Unix operating system first developed by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson at AT&T. Unix was developed to run the largest network in world, the AT&T telephone system, and it did. The Unix operating system was designed to be scalable, reliable, modular, secure and portable with network extensibility.
The development of Unix eventually led to the POSIX standard which defines much of the Linux architecture. Unlike many single user desktop console based operating systems, Linux is a multi-user, multi-tasking, network enabled operating system accessible from anywhere on the network. Multiple users can access a Linux computer remotely, each running their own individual desktop instance, all at the same time. The Linux/Unix X-Windows network enabled multi-user windowing system allows full remote access. This is a sharp contrast to a single user console based OS which requires …

Twitter Search Commands

Twitter search seems fairly basic, which often leads to people using 3rd party Twitter tools for searching. Most people don’t realize it, but Twitter some handy search command abilities:
Basic Twitter Search Commands (no surprises here):

Multi-word queries: if you search multiple words, Twitter’s default search will search tweets containing both (or all words).
Example: big doggy would find tweets that contain both “big” and “doggy”, but not necessarily the words paired together.Exact match queries: if you use quotes, you can limit tweet searches to exact matches.
Example: “big doggy” would find tweets that contain the exact phrase “big doggy”.OR queries: if you are looking for two related or interchangable words, OR queries work well.
Example: dog OR doggy would find tweets that contain either words.Hash Tag queries: Hash tags used to be one of the only methods of putting a stamp on your tweet to help those searching in Twitter, but they not as critical these days as Twitter search has im…

3 Bangalore Techies Arrested For Hacking IGIA

In this wired era, hell hath no fury like techies scorned. The Indira Gandhi Inter-national Airport (IGIA) found it out the hard way on June 29 when its advanced passenger check-in services were crippled and flights delayed.
Denied higher wages, three software engineers in
Bangalore including a woman used logic bombing, a cyber attack technique, to disable the Common Use Passengers Processing System (CUPPS) they had helped install at Terminal 3 of the IGIA.
The three have now landed in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) net.
A CBI official who did not want to be named said the agency’s sleuths from Bangalore and Delhi had raided the houses of the techies in Bangalore and arrested them on November 16.
The official, however, did not disclose the names of the accused and the IT firm/firms they are (or were) associated with. The three were taken to the CBI office in Delhi and later released on conditional bail after furnishing personal bonds.
According to the official, the accused had …

Apple Touch Ubuntu Customizaton

Apple Touch Ubuntu Customizaton 

Want your ubuntu to look like apple ?

* Download the wallpaper from here [link]
* Download & install Overglossed theme from here [link]
 * Download & install Black-White 2 icon package from here [link]
* Install AWN Dock with this Terminal command --> sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator

* Install Screenlets with this Terminal command --> sudo apt-get install screenlets

Please note that the Terminal is made black transparent from Terminal Menu (Edit/Profile preferences/Background) and all the other windows are made transparent from Compiz.

Microsoft Surface 2 now available for pre-order

Microsoft Surface 2.0

The Surface 2 computer will be available in early 2012 and Samsung started to take pre-orders for the unit on Thursday. “Customers across a wide range of industries currently integrate Microsoft Surface and make it relevant to their business needs, creating immersive, collaborative and meaningful experiences,” said Somanna Palacanda, director, Microsoft Surface. 
“With the Samsung SUR40 available for pre-order in 23 countries worldwide, Surface computing will now be more readily available for education, financial and professional services, healthcare, hospitality, retail, manufacturing and resources, and other commercial business environments to help deliver interactive digital content, drive sales, showcase brands, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.”
Microsoft originally unveiled its second generation Surface computer at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year. The Surface 2.0 is a vast improvement from the original Surface a…