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Android Exploitation | Part - 3

Bad week for Android. Just days after a critical Stagefright vulnerability was revealed in the widely popular mobile platform, another new vulnerability threatens to make most Android devices unresponsive and practically unusable to essential tasks.

Security researchers at Trend Micro have developed an attack technique that could ultimately crashmore than 55 percent of Android phones, almost making them completely unresponsive and useless to perform very basic functions, including to make or receive calls.
The dangerous security flaw affects any device running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and later, including the latest Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, potentially putting hundreds of millions of Android users vulnerable to hackers.
The flaw surfaced two days after Zimperium researchers warned that nearly 950 Million Android phones can be hijacked by sending a simple text message. Dubbed Stagefright, the vulnerability is more serious because it required no end-user interaction at all to be exploited…

How to Repair and Fix the touch screen of your android smartphone

Is the touch screen on your Android cell phone unresponsive or responding incorrectly? Do some parts of your phones screen respond while other parts do not? When trying to make a selection on your phone does it end up selecting something else instead? Looking for a way to try to fix this and prevent it from happening? Then you have come to the right place. This tutorial describes not only how to test the touch screen on an Android but also what can be done to try and fix it. Before we begin Before we really dive in to testing and troubleshooting your touch screen the first thing that you should do is power cycle your cell phone. Simply powering your phone off, counting to 10, and then turning your phone back on can often solve minor software glitches or software hiccups, especially if you haven’t powered your phone off for a while. If power cycling your phone does the trick then enjoy your working cell phone; if your phone continues to have problems then we are going to want to run a…

How to Hack Android Phone | Part - 2

Own an Android phone? Beware, Your Android smartphones can be hacked by just a malformed text message.

Security researchers have found that 95% of Android devices running version 2.2 to 5.1 of operating system, which includes Lollipop and KitKat, are vulnerable to a security bug, affecting more than 950 Million Android smartphones and tablets.
Almost all Android smart devices available today are open to attack that could allow hackers to access the vulnerable device without the owners being aware of it, according to Joshua Drake, vice president of platform research and exploitation at security firm Zimperium.
The vulnerability actually resides in a core Android component called "Stagefright," a multimedia playback library used by Android to process, record and play multimedia files such as PDFs.
A Text Message Received...Your Game is Over
The sad news for most of the Android users is that the fix will not help Millions of Android users that owned older versions of the operat…

3D Surface Computing by Microsoft

This project investigates techniques to enable interaction with 3D virtual worlds on interactive tabletops. We investigate techniques to extend the display space beyond the display using among others switchable projection screens. Another area of interest is sensing of 3D input data above 2D surfaces. Here we're presenting a number of interaction technique that enable fine-grained manipulations of virtual 3D worlds. Interactions In the Air This project explored several interaction techniques that allow for richer human computer interaction more akin to the flexible and continuous ways in which we manipulate objects in the real world. A model for more natural interactions with 3D data on interactive surfaces is introduced. Because the interaction – the sensed input and the displayed output – is still bound to the surface, there is a fundamental limitation in manipulating objects using the third dimension. To address this issue, we proposed a novel approach to creating a continuous…

Smartwatch Owner | Have a Look

Do you own a Smartwatch? If yes, then how safe it is? There are almost 100 percent chances that you own a vulnerable Smartwatch.
Computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard is warning users of smartwatches including Apple Watch and Samsung Gear that their wearable devices are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

In a study, HP's Fortify tested today's top 10 smartwatches for security features, such as basic data encryption, password protection and privacy concerns.Not even a Single Smartwatch Found to be 100 percent Safe
Security experts found that 100 percent of wearable devices contained at least one serious security vulnerability that could make the devices vulnerable to hackers.
With the increase in the adoption of smartwatches, manufacturers need to pay closer attention to the customers' security because these wearable devices could potentially open doors to new threats to personal and sensitive information.

Here's the list of issues reported by HP:
1. Insecure Interfaces – Thre…

Microsoft's Plan to Bring About the Era of Gesture Control

Apple might have made the touch screen ubiquitous, but Microsoft thinks hands-free interfaces will be just as big. Motion control: Startup company GestSure uses Kinect for Windows to allow surgeons to look through medical images without having to touch unsterile equipment. While most of the headlines about Microsoft this fall will concern its new operating system, Windows 8, and its new Surface tablet, the company is also working hard on a long-term effort to reinvent the way we interact with existing computers. The company wants to make it as common to wave your arms at or speak to a computer as it is to reach for a mouse or touch screen today. That’s the goal of a program called Kinect for Windows, which aims to put the wildly successful gaming accessory Kinect wherever Microsoft’s ubiquitous operating system is found. It’s also designed to allow computers to be used in new ways—for example, by surgeons who don’t want to touch a keyboard with sterilized hands midway through surgery. …

New Android Hacking Tool

Yes, this time researchers have found a source code to a new piece of weaponized android malware that had the capability to infect millions of Android devices even when users are running latest versions of the android mobile operating system.
Trend Micro researchers found that the Italian spyware company was selling RCSAndroid (Remote Control System Android), which they says, is one of the "most professionally developed and sophisticated" pieces of Android malware a.k.a Android hacking tool they have ever seen.
RCSAndroid is a sophisticated, real-world surveillance and hacking tool that provides even unskilled hackers to deploy one of the world's more advanced surveillance suites for Google's mobile operating system Android.
List of Creepy Features of Android Hacking Tool
Once installed on targets' devices, RCSAndroid would have helped government and law enforcement agencies around the world to completely compromise and monitor Android devices remotely.
Here are…

Wordpress Security update released

WordPress has just released the new version of its content management system (CMS), WordPress version 4.2.3, to fix a critical security vulnerability that could have been exploited by hackers to take over websites, affecting the security of its Millions of sites.
WordPress version 4.2.3 resolves a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) flaw that could allow any user with the Contributor or Author role to compromise a website.
Cross-site scripting is actually a vulnerability in the Web applications' code that opens up the target website to attacks. The vulnerability is one of the most favorite and commonly used flaws by cyber criminals.
According to the company, the vulnerability could allow hackers to embed maliciously-crafted HTML, JavaScript, Flash, or other code to bypass WordPress's protection by fooling users into executing a malicious script on their computer system.
This, in turn, leads to the collection of users' sensitive data, including cookies stored on their systems.
It is…

Online Dating Site Hacked | Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison, the popular online dating website with tagline "Life is short. Have an affair", recently got hacked, reportedly exposing a sample of its users' account information and other personal data online.
The hacker group, called itself 'The Impact Team', is also threatening to release the real names and all associated data of its 37 Million cheating customers.
There are also rumors that the team could sell the stolen data for lots of money, instead of revealing it all for free.
This isn't first time when the customers of online hooking site are scared of being exposed, two months ago the sex life of almost 4 Million users of Adult Friend Finder was made available on underground market for sale for 70 Bitcoins ($16,800).
Lesson we Learned from These HacksThe Ashley Madison hack raises serious questions about what these companies are doing to ensure the security of their users' and employees' personal information.

This indicates nothing is completely…