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Syrian Hackers hacked TrueCaller

Syrian hackers known for their hardcore support for President Bashar Ul Assad from  Syrian Electronic Army  are back in news, this time the army has claimed to have breached into the official website of Swedish based TrueCaller ( ), a global phone directory application for smartphones and feature phones, and accessible via a Web site. The claim was announced by the hackers on their official  website , saying that the databases contains hundred of millions of phone numbers and details of who owned these numbers, in addition of millions of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Gmail accounts. Apart of that, the information has been dumped and sent to Syrian government. The list of the databases that been downloaded is mentioned below: truecaller_ugc: 459GB truecaller : 100GB truecaller_profiles : 4GB truecaller_api : 123KB truecaller_PushMe: 2.2KB tc_admin : 7MB tc_www: 70MB Syrian Electronic Army has released a screenshot of TrueCaller website’s t

Anonymous hacks FEMA

A group of  Anonymous  hacker has said to hack into a server used by Federal Emergency Management. According to them, the data secured through this breach is highly prolific and could beat the recent documents leaked by  Snowden   on  PRISM  project. In one of the documents published online the group unleashed the type of data they have gotten hold of. Most of it was email address and passwords of users which seem to government employees because most of the email addresses were hosted to .gov or .mil. The Anonymous group also disclosed the reasons behind this hack, according to them, they wanted disclose them as force especially in relation to crackdown attempts made against the hackers these days.Furthermore, they wanted government’s attention in regard to their intervention with the private sector for gathering sensitive information. One of Anonymous group’s member said: Anonymous does not wave the white flag. Not while we are faced with a daily stream of abominable rev

Emails and Passwords of US Congress Hacked by Anonymous

Anonymous  hackers have claimed to breached the official website of US congress and its mail server ( and, as a result around 1800 email addresses along with their passwords have been leaked online. Hackers claim that emails and passwords belong to   US Congress and their staff which have been compromised to make it clear on congress that Anonymous hackers have been keeping an eye on them over ongoing issues such as  NSA , FISA and  PRISM . The leaked data which has been dumped online shows email addresses and their clear-text passwords along with a message, which has been expressed in following words: For the purposes of being far too generous with you guys, we have removed some of the passwords and shuffled the order of the remaining ones,” the hackers wrote next to the data. These are all current, valid credentials but they are not in the original pairings. We reserve the right to spontaneously decide this restraint was unjustified. The lea