The Cloud will bring you competitive advantage

Still uncertain about adopting cloud services? A new study from the Cloud Industry Forum has found that cloud services have given more than 1 in 2 companies competitive advantage.

Some 55% of organisations say cloud has delivered competitive advantage, while another quarter believes such advantage is imminent.

Who was surveyed?
Researchers at the CIF talked to 250 senior IT and business decision-makers about cloud adoption.

How cloud is giving firms competitive advantage

Fast adoption
Some 47% of those surveyed said the ability to access latest technologies faster was the main benefit of cloud. For example, big data is revolutionising how the world does business. It is helping you learn more about what your clients like and what they don’t like.

Cloud is central to big data analytics. A study by IBM found that cloud pacesetters – firms which have broadly applied cloud services – are more than twice as likely to have leveraged analytics across the organisation to turn big data into insights using SaaS.

Nearly a fifth of those polled by the Cloud Industry Forum said flexibility of delivery was the main reason they adopted cloud services.

Cloud services give your organisation the ability to ramp up or scale back resources and operations to suit busy and quiet business periods.

Doug Clark, IBM cloud leader for UK and Ireland, said cloud services “give firms a lot of agility”. More agile firms are able to respond to market fluctuations faster than those without such a level of control.

The Cloud Industry Forum study found firms report cost savings of almost 10% in the first 12 months of using cloud services. The study also found saving money was a key driver for cloud adoption for 15% of organisations. By adopting cloud services you can reduce spending on infrastructure. Maintenance and hosting is taken care of by the cloud services provider.

Glenn Woolaghan, UK SMB director at Microsoft, said that money saved on infrastructure can be channelled into innovation for products and service improvements.

What the Cloud Industry Forum says
Alex Hilton, the CEO of the Cloud Industry Forum, says that overall satisfaction with cloud services is high – with 89% satisfied.

He added: “It is encouraging to see that the flexibility brought by Cloud services is translating into competitive advantage for businesses – particularly for SMEs who are perhaps best-placed to benefit from more agile and flexible IT.”


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