Augmented Reality Used for Medical Products

Ivan Sutherland introduced his ultimate display in 1965, he thought about a world existing of real and virtual objects which is presented to the observer through his natural perspective or through his eyes.

Nowadays, Augmented Reality solutions still use hardware interfaces that do not follow most natural form of immersion, e.g. augmented camera views of tablet PCs and any smartphones. In the last few years lot of head worn AR interfaces have been created and released.  One of them is SDKs which is related to head mounted displays which have inspired thousands of developers to create AR worlds for to enhance industrial tasks .Also they make cultural experiences more interactive, attractive and appealing.

It is very difficult to introduce these devices to the medical world, in particular to intraoperative tasks that require high quality standards.  This is certainly a commendable approach, which will happen once the benefit for patient treatment has been proven and usability has reached to a certain level to become accepted in a high performance working environment for operating theatres.

Another platform is to be used existing for medical, which is extended by Augmented Reality functionality, e.g. endoscopy.Endoscopic cameras are highly used for different types of minimally invasive surgeries to minimize tissue damages and to reach anatomical areas, which are difficult to be accessed manually. Augmented Reality is captured as digital video data and it gives benefits to see-through .It can be done with the help of 3D visual also.

Recently, ARRI company has released first video see through operating microscope with digitalization of real world with high quality stero cameras. It is combined with optics and surgical application which is  being characterized by complex anatomical structures available in 3D Imaging data i.e CT Scan and MRI.Augmented reality is really helping the medical industry for the patients treatment.

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