Hacking the right click "OPEN" button

Yes, we can hack the open button that comes first when we right click on any file or folder , now if I say we can also hack that OPEN option so wouldn't it be interesting :) 
Follow some simple steps and #hackopenbutton

1.  First of all open your Search panel  and search for "regedit" and a window pops up for admin privileges and click YES and have some patience.

2. Click the first option on the left panel i.e "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" and it will open a bunch of folders in front of you , Don't b Afraid ..!

3. Now in  "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" search for "Folder" file and click on that.

4. After clicking on the "folder" option you'll see 4 options, click on "shell" .

5.Great if you have reached up to shell , now click on "open" whose default value we want to change..

6 . As soon as you click on the open option,in the right side you 'll see the default value as "not set", so just double click on it and name it according to your wish.


7. Now close the window and be happy as you have hacked the "open" option..

8. The next time you will right click on any file or folder , it will display the value which you have set.



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