Social Engineering

We'll discuss about some real life scenarios and real life frauds (technical frauds) .

There are situations which actually takes place with common man and how the crime/fraud takes place with them who have less/no knowledge regarding such cyber crimes/frauds.

We live in a digital world  where we use "E-mail" rather than postcards/letters etc.
Now , someday at sometime if you got a mail from your "favourite celebrity", "favourite sportsperson" or "from a grl" you always wanted to talk in college, lottery winning mail , you would feel very pleased and blessed enough to receive that e-mail. RIGHT ??

But one second , do you really think that such personalities would have got time to mail you on the whole earth with a population of BILLIONS or such lotteries are being only made for you.. !!

SO time for the truth , ACTUALLY  "you are being fooled  , by somewhat called "fake mailer" which are available for free online and anyone can send E-mail  from any mail -id to anyone.
There are many of such available online , such as -:

These are the fake mailer used in criminal frauds and cyber crimes along with social engineering , the criminal gangs use the database to send fake mails regarding Lotteries and Job offers . The people got trap under such frauds by replying to such mails,clicking on MALICIOUS link (if any), downloading attachments (if any).

When one reply to lottrey mails , the victim(person) is asked for the processing fee (for eg, 5 lakhs) for accessing the lottery price (for eg, 2 crores).
Sometimes , they send such mails that people either reply to them or else download their attachments.

So never click on such malicious links and always see the path of e-mail by clicking on the "show original" option in mail (who has send it , from which address has it come and where your reply will reach).

Social engineering along with fake mail is good to prank friends but not to commit crimes , because in  our country cyber criminal is sentenced for "3 years ".



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