3D Surface Computing by Microsoft

This project investigates techniques to enable interaction with 3D virtual worlds on interactive tabletops. We investigate techniques to extend the display space beyond the display using among others switchable projection screens. Another area of interest is sensing of 3D input data above 2D surfaces. Here we're presenting a number of interaction technique that enable fine-grained manipulations of virtual 3D worlds.

Interactions In the Air

This project explored several interaction techniques that allow for richer human computer interaction more akin to the flexible and continuous ways in which we manipulate objects in the real world. A model for more natural interactions with 3D data on interactive surfaces is introduced.
Because the interaction – the sensed input and the displayed output – is still bound to the surface, there is a fundamental limitation in manipulating objects using the third dimension. To address this issue, we proposed a novel approach to creating a continuous interaction space – on the surface and above the surface – conceptually allowing users to pick objects off the surface and manipulate their position in 3D as if it were a real object. We present several ways to enable “in-the-air” interactions that allow users to interact with 3D data (rendered on a 2D display) in a as-direct-as possible fashion. This approach utilizes several interesting hardware and software components such as a switchable diffuser, infrared illumination, IR-based depth estimation, holographic projection screens and a depth-sensing camera.


SecondLight is a new type of surface computer, one that opens up the interaction space above and beyond the display.
SecondLight supports multi-touch and tangible interactions like a regular Microsoft Surface, but simultaneously, our technology allows secondary content to be projected through the display, as well as sensing of user gestures and objects held above the surface.

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