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So, if you are planning to install Windows 10 Home, one thing you must keep in your mind – You wish or not, the software updates for Microsoft’s new operating system will be mandatory.

Microsoft is planning to make a significant change to its software update policy by removing the option to DISABLE software updates in Windows 10 Home".
In Windows 8.1, users get four options for Windows Update's behavior, which include:
  • Download and Install Windows Updates Automatically
  • Download Windows Updates automatically but Choose when to Install them
  • Check for Updates but Choose when to Download and Install them
  • Never check for, Download, or Install Updates
From a Security point of view, the last option, i.e. never to download or install updates, is not at all recommended by either the company or the security experts. However, the option is still there if Windows users really need it.

In Windows 10, the options for Windows Update are cut to only two, which include:
  • Check, Download, Install, and Reboot automatically
  • Check, Download, Install automatically and then choose to Reboot
If this happens with the launch of Windows 10, it would be a notable change in any version of Windows OS as Microsoft has talked about Windows 10's Windows-as-a-Service approach that will receive continuous updates.

Every software program needs frequent updates, but the ability of Windows users to permanently delay Windows software updates has made it difficult for Microsoft to keep its OS platform secure and up-to-date. And the only motive behind this change is to maintain the security of its users safe.


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