"Deepika Padukone" | IDN homographic attack

Everyone has their own favourite Actors.
One of my favourites is :
Deepika Padukone  
Now let's go to google and search "deepika padukone".
Screenshot from 2015-02-05 23:17:42
ohh we get result about 2,12,00,000 results..

I search same actress deepika padukone and see the results.
Screenshot from 2015-02-05 23:19:24
oh my god……….
what happened to Google ?? Where is that previous result gone ??
Actually  there is no problem in Google but problem is that,I replace some English characters for example ‘e’ in ‘deepika padukone‘ with Russian character ‘e’ which look like English ‘e’. They both look the same in your browser but they are actually different characters.
This is (Internationalized Domain Name) Homographic Attack which allows you to do anything with the google search.


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