Don't have a DP at Facebook | Still you can be recognized

Well, this is incredible and scary both at the same time. Forget about "facial" recognition; Facebook's newest technology is way good at identifying you in photos even without the need to see your face.

The New Scientist is reporting about the Facebook's new experiment of facial recognition algorithm which is so powerful that it can identify you in photos even when your faces are hidden.


Instead, the Facebook's extremely accurate facial recognition algorithm uses other unique characteristics — such as your hairstyle, body figure, body language, clothing and how you carry yourself — to identify that it's you.
Facebook's New Facial Recognition Technology is 83% Accurate
Facebook's artificial intelligence lab is working on this technology and, according to the  Yann Lecun (head of artificial intelligence at Facebook), the experimental algorithm is currently able to identify individuals with 83% accuracy, even if the faces in the photos are obscured.
No doubt, this is beneficial to Facebook, who wants to incorporate this algorithm into its recently - launched Moments app that helps create collections of photos by scanning your camera roll with facial recognition.

Even though the feature is very impressive, it does not mean every one of us are comfortable with the idea of being so accurately scanned, identified, and recognized by any tech company.

However, LeCun said the technology could actually be good for privacy. Like, it might alert users if their photo surfaces are on line, even if their face is not clear or they are facing away from the camera.



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