Send free SMS In India from your android

Free SMS sending Apps for Android

Ever since the advent of mobile phones, short messaging services (SMS) have remained one of the prime tools for getting connected, relatively popular among the young generation. Now, there are many apps available online to help you send free SMSs via your smartphone devices.

Check out the 7 free SMS apps for Android phones now available in India via the Android Market.

Free SMS India
Free SMS India app for Android helps you send SMS for free through your Android devices. You can send unlimited SMS for free from your Android Phone via Free SMS India app. Designed with a sleek user interface, the free SMS app requires GRPS connection to send SMSs. However, with its optimised application, the user has the advantage of less data usage as your SMS is sent in few KB of data. Compatible with devices having Android 2.1 or above version, you can download Free SMS India app by visiting the Android Market.

The messaging network allows unlimited free Jaxtr to Jaxtr messaging services to the Android users. You can send free SMS/text messages to any other JaxtrSMS user and to any mobile phone in USA and India. JaxtrSMS automatically integrates with your address book so you can send messages to anyone whether they have JaxtrSMS or not. If the receiver does have JaxtrSMS, messages appear as threaded. It works with WiFi and network coverage. Compatible with Android 2.1 and above, you can download JaxtrSMS app for free by visiting the Android Market.

Free2SMS India
Here's another mobile app that lets you enjoy unlimited free SMS on your Android device anywhere in India. To use this app, you need to have an Android device and an active Data Plan or Wi-Fi. Designed with a refined user-friendly interface, the app offers free SMS to anywhere in India by using Wi-Fi or packet data (3G/Edge/GPRS). The app lets you switch gateways instantaneously with a mere touch. You can select contacts from your phonebook to send SMS directly through this app. You can also access sent and received messages in-app. You can download Free2SMS India app for free by visiting the Android Market.

FullonSms is again a free SMS service for the Android phone users in India. You can send unlimited, full 160 characters SMS for free to your friends and contacts in India. The app lets you schedule SMS for future delivery. It helps you create multiple groups and import contacts from your phonebook. You can send free SMS messages by just typing name or mobile number and much more! You can download FullonSms app for free by visiting the Android Market.

Textoo is a free messaging app for Android lovers. The app allows you to send free group SMS using Web gateways like way2sms and site2sms. There are unlimited accounts for these gateways stored in the app. You can switch between accounts with just two clicks from anywhere within the app. To start with this app, just choose a gateway that fits you best. Users just need to register an account to compose a message and send it using the active account. You can download Textoo app for free by visiting the Android Market.

One of the most popular mobile apps, WhatsApp Messenger is available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. This app uses your 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity to send messages to your friends and family. Also, you can switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes and video messages. Available for free in the first year, the application can be used for unlimited chat and sending a million messages a day to your friends for free! You can download WhatsApp for free by visiting the Android Market.

Viber app for Android lets you communicate free to all. It allows Android users to call and text anyone, anywhere. With more than 40 million Viber users, the app lets them call, text, send photos and locations with each other worldwide - for free. Available for Android and iPhone, Viber is completely free with no advertising! It's a simple-to-use Android app that lets you connect with your friends whose numbers you already have. It syncs with your mobile phone number and contact list to instantly show who already has Viber. You can download Viber app for free by visiting the Android Market.


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